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Full Length Research

Zaku S.S., Maiguru A.A., and Salomi S.Y.

Contributions of Baissa Timber Corporation to Community Livelihoods in Kurmi, Taraba State

(Abstract) (Full Length Research - PDF-) pp 358 - 366.

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Full Length Research

Basil U. Eze

Understanding the Impacts of Rural-Urban Migration on the Agricultural Economy of Nigeria: An Analytic Review

(Abstract) (Full Length Research - PDF-) pp 367 - 375.

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Full Length Research


Adejo P.E., and Opeyemi G.

Awareness and Usage of Social Media for Sourcing Agricultural Information by Youth Farmers in Ogori Mangogo Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria

(Abstract) (Full Length Research - PDF-) pp 376 - 385.

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