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Case Study

René Cristobal Crocker Sagastume, Jennifer Alejandra Guzman Rivera, and Alicia Jennifer Madrigal Solis

Social Management for Food Sovereignty in Mexican Farmers. A Case Study in The Valles Region, Jalisco, Mexico

(Abstract) Full Article - PDF) pp 560 - 567.

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Full Length Research


Nature and Determinants of Rice Price Instability in Niger: Case of Gaya State Market

(Abstract) Full Article - PDF) pp 568 - 575.

Search Author(s) in Google Scholar: Abdoul Azizou OUMAROU DAN-BAKI | Amir YACOUBA SIDO

Full Length Research

Jacob O. Oluwoye

Determinants of Organic Food Buying Behavior in Reference to The Question “Do You Ever Buy Organic Food or Beverage Products”: A Pilot Study of Consumers in Huntsville, Alabama

(Abstract) Full Article - PDF) pp 576 - 587.

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Full Length Research

Alane F., Rahale-Bouziane H., Bachir H. and Mazari A.

Potential in Sugars of Some Populations and Varieties of Sorghum

(Abstract) Full Article - PDF) pp 588 - 597.

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