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IJHSE Abstract


1Ogunbadejo, Hussain Kehinde and 2Alliu, Kehinde Adewale

1Nigerian Institute for oceanography and marine Research, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

2Postgraduate School, Finance Department, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

Accepted June 08, 2018

This paper attempts to examine the impact of health on economic growth. The rate of growth is measured using per capita income and health status is measured using life expectancy rate. The above impacts are measured using a multivariate framework controlling for other background variables. Thus we have modeled the macroeconomic impact of health. A theoretical framework has been developed to model this impact between health and growth and this is further tested using a two Stage least square regression model which tests the causality between these variables of interest. These models are tested using time series data. We found out that there is a positive relationship between per capita income and life expectancy, and an inverse relationship between carbon dioxide and life expectancy. The reduction in emission gas should be of great concern to Nigeria government because it can determine the level of life expectancy in the country due to its significant impact on life expectancy. We have also assumed in this analysis that these variables are affected by cultural, political and social factors.

Key words: Health, Economic Growth, multivariate framework.

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