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IJAHAM Abstract


Nedhal A. Al - Douri

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alzaytoonah University, Jordan.
P.O.Box.130 Amman 11733, Tel: +962-6-4291511 Fax: +962-6-4291432, E-mail:naldouri@hotmail.com

Accepted August 05, 2014

In some countries, traditional medicine remains an integral part of the formal health system and exists on an equal footing with modern medicine. Traditional medicine has an important role in health care in Iraq especially in country side and in desert areas and practiced by what is called Attar (Herbalist). In order to evaluate the knowledge and the practice of herbal medicine by the herbalist and to list the most common herbs and the less commonly used medicinal plants by those herbalist; about 75 herbalists were interviewed throughout the country and data concerning herbs present in their shops, the herbalist recommendations on the use of these herbs, the part used and other observations were recorded. The present paper reports the most common herbs as well as the less commonly used medicinal plants in tabular (tables) form, and problems observed dealing with practices of herbal remedy by those herbalists in Iraq and recommendations for improvement.

Key words: Common herbs, herbalists, Iraq, less common herbs, traditional medicinal plants.

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